Issues for MuseScore

Title 降序 Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
[MuseScore 2.0][Plugin Development] Text coloring via qml does not seem to work active 4 6年
[MuseScore 3.6 beta] Open Hi-Hat symbol too small in Leland active 3.x-dev 9 1年
[Musicxml Export] - Clef with octave change not exported active 3.5 1 1年
[Musicxml export] - Composite articulations not exported active 3.4 4 6個月
[Musicxml Export] - Customized instrument change not exported active 3.4 5 1個月
[Musicxml export] - Flexible durations should be made in polymetric music active 3.3 3 2年
[Musicxml Export] - Harp Pedal Diagram should be exported active 3.3 1 2年
[Musicxml Export] - Headless notes exported incorrectly as hidden notes active 3.6 1 1個月
[Musicxml Export] - Hidden staff info not exported active 3.4 1 1年
[Musicxml Export] - Level again exceeds 6 and stops to export active 3.6 3 20小時
[Musicxml Export] - Local time signatures in piano staves only exports the first one active 3.6 1 9個月
[Musicxml Export] - Multiple figured bass continuation lines not exported active 3.3 5 1年
[Musicxml export] - pedal line with text not exported active 3.4 1 1年
[Musicxml Export] - Pedal lines not exported accurately active 3.5 1 1年
[Musicxml Export] - Single slash in figured bass not exported active 3.6 11 10個月
[Musicxml Export] - Text in voice 2 not correctly placed PR created 3.4 4 9個月
[Musicxml Export] - Unable to export local time signatures on each staff of a multipart instrument active 3.6 2 4個月
[Musicxml Export] - Unable to export score in concert pitches active 3.6 2 1個月
[Musicxml Export] - Unable to export sub-beam divisions in irregular beaming active 3.6 2 4個月
[MusicXML Export] <extend /> miss type attribute active 3.4 3 1年
[MusicXML export] Add placement attribute in tuplet at MusicXML export active 3.4 3 1年
[MusicXML export] add print-object to part-name when required active 3.x-dev 0 2年
[MusicXML export] add text attribute to measure containing displayed measure number active 3.4 1 1年
[MusicXML export] bad positionning of dynamics marks and hairpins/wegdes active 2.2 2 3年
[MusicXML export] double fermata exporting note with both fermata and grace note PR created 3.0 8 9個月