Plugins for 3.x

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This is a guide for the MuseScore 3.0 plugin implementation.


Full featured documentation is available in Doxygen format.

Converting MuseScore 2 plugins

Almost all of the needed changes can also be made automatically with this converter script (Python is needed to run it).

A detailed set of porting instructions can be found at html/plugin2to3.html


This is a partial list of properties available for elements. An automatic documentation is not available currently and will be finished later. You can also find out all available elements' properties using
which will print a list of properties names if launched in Plugin Creator window.

name type details
pitch int MIDI pitch of this note
tpc int Tonal pitch class, as per concert pitch setting
tpc1 int Tonal pitch class, non-transposed
tpc2 int Tonal pitch class, transposed
small bool Small notehead, chord or rest
mirrorHead bool Mirror notehead on x-axis
line int Notehead position
color color Color of element
track int Track the elment belongs to
selected bool Element is selected
generated bool True, if the element has been generated by layout
offset point Offset from normal layout position
placement int Placement in staff: Placement.ABOVE, Placement.BELOW

This is a work in progress.