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• May 21, 2020 - 01:24

I want to have a static soundfont, but I can't find any static (on purpose) soundfonts. And when I try to search for "static soundfont" I always see complaints about how people get static playback (not what I was looking for)

Does anyone know a good static soundfont?


Am I understanding correctly that you want a SoundFont that sounds like white noise?

I did a Google search and found White Noise SFX, which comes with an SFZ file that you should be able to use with MuseScore.

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I am using what you just linked me, and I followed the necessary steps.

Quote from the guide:
After finding and decompressing a SoundFont, double-click to open it. In most cases, the SoundFont file type will already be associated with MuseScore, and (this is where it stops working) MuseScore will start and a dialog will appear asking if you want to install the SoundFont.

The dialog that appeared said that the .sfz file was unreadable and that I couldn't use it. I don't know what the problem is. This is my first time installing a soundfont. I asked for help from my brother (he's installed soundfonts before) and he couldn't figure it out either. Nobody else in my family uses MuseScore, so I can't ask for help from them.

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MuseScore does open when I double click it, but it gives the error message:

Cannot read file /home/(my user directory)/Documents/MuseScore3/White Noise Soundfont (The folder of my choice)/#99S010 White Noise SFX/Samples/White Noise SFX.sfz:
unknown type

And when I try to use View/Synthesizer/Zerberus and I press "add" There's nothing to load.

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  1. Unzip the file into your MuseScore SoundFonts folder (e.g., /home/[username]/Documents/MuseScore3/SoundFonts).
  2. Verify that your SoundFonts folder contains a subfolder called #99S010 White Noise SFX. (You may rename this subfolder to just White Noise SFX or whatever you want, but you don't have to.)
  3. Do not double-click anything.
  4. Launch MuseScore and go to View | Synthesizer (or press F7).
  5. In the Synthesizer dialog, switch to the Zerberus tab.
  6. Click Add.
  7. In the SFZ Files dialog, select “White Noise SFX.sfz” and click Load.
  8. Verify that “White Noise SFX.sfz” is now listed on the Zerberus tab of the Synthesizer dialog.
  9. Close the Synthesizer dialog.
  10. Create a new score.
  11. Show the Mixer panel if it isn't already visible by going to View | Mixer (or pressing F10).
  12. In the Mixer panel, select “White Noise SFX” from the Sound drop-down list.
  13. Enter a middle C whole note into your score.
  14. Play the score. It should sound like this.

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