Da capo al coda causes the last measure to extend beyond the measure length

• Oct 17, 2020 - 10:22

Da capo al coda causes the last measure to extend beyond the measure length as if there were hidden measures. In playback mode, it takes a while to return the edit mode. When exporting to .WAV the piece is extended with about 30 s after the music should have stopped.
If the coda sign is not applied the music stops correctly at the end of the last measure (obviously, the "To Coda" and "D.C. al Coda" are ignored).


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Thank you.
I've updated to 3.5.2 but unfortunately the problem persists. Exporting to WAV still adds about 40-45 s of silence at the end.
When playing back in Musescore, the "cursor" (the vertical light blue bar showing which note is being played) stops at the end of the last measure and stays there for a about 45 s before the sheet is automatically released for editing. (Can force it to stop using the space key as normal).
So far it is only in this sheet that I have experienced this.

I think I found the source of the problem: It's about chord symbols.
1. Open the Inspector.
2. Right-click any chord symbol and click "Select> All similar elements".
3. Check the "Duration" section at the bottom of "Chord Symbol" from the Inspector: Replace it with "Chord / Rest Duration" or "Until Measure End".
There will no longer be any extra wait on that last measure.

Note: Not necessarily, but let me remind you not to forget to "Save" at this stage.

Cause of bug: It may be because the "Until Next Chord Symbol" option is default and the chord symbol before "to Coda" has missed its length due to an internal(?) error.
I think the waiting time at the end is equal to the duration of all measures (including the last measure) after the "to Coda" sign.

I've added a blank test score. You can change the "Duration" option by selecting the chord symbol before "to Coda" here and see the problem (and solution).

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