Lyrics layout is scrambled when opening an MS 3.0.0 score in MS 3.5.2

• Nov 16, 2020 - 14:50

Has anyone come across this problem before?

The attached score was created (by another user) in MS 3.0.0, and when opened in 3.0.0 the lyrics are laid out normally.

But when the same score is opened in MS 3.5.2, the vertical alignment of the lyric syllables is all over the place, See the attached score, which has been saved in MS 3.5.2.
Below is a sample of the vertical shift:
Lyrics vertically displaced.png


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@jeetee - thank you!
Of course I had looked at Style > Score, but the height of the Style window on my laptop was set too short, so I hadn't even seen the Autoplace section at all... doh!

And yes, the original score was 3.3.0 - it was my poor eyesight that saw that as "3.0.0".

Brown bag time?

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Originally, I think it was lyrics only, because those were the only things we MuseScore tried to align. But in the years since, we now automatically align a few other elements - voltas, pedal lines - and optionally others still (chord symbols, if you set the max shift amount in the style settings).

Right now the only way I'd be able to say which are currently affected by the "align range" setting is trial and error. Probably there should eventually be independent control for each of these. And in any case, however it currently is for 3.6.2 might not be how it should be for MuseScore, so it's worth considering how people want the "align range" interpreted.

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