Unwanted Vertical Line Under Tab

• Jan 20, 2021 - 13:33

Hi there,

My scores often have one TAB staff and one standard staff. Until recently I have been able to set them up with no issues. But when I create a new score now, when I enter a tab note, musescore adds a vertical line under the tab staff. I don't want this vertical line - what did I change that triggered that feature and how do I turn it off. The only solution I've found so far is to update an old score that does not have that behaviour. See the attached pic for further clarification.

Many thanks for you anticipated help!



Or use Edit / Instruments to change to a different predefined tab siyle - maybe you'd prefer the "simple" style.

Note that the purpose of the stems is to help people understand the rhythm that is intended, so unless you absolutely know no one will ever care about the rhythm, it's probably just as well to let the stems do their job.

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