where is this accidental?(or maybe it's for two notes?)

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The b is for e (mi) and the sharp is for the f (fa).
Look at the display: the b is between line 4 and 5 like e and the # sharp is on the line 5, not between 4 and 5.
So nothing special here.

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Elaine Gould, Behind Bars (p.91) - 1st image below
I quote: "When the higher-pitched note is to the left of the two parts, the order of accidentals may be reversed to reflect the arrangement of notes".
May be reversed, and not must be! So, by design I guess?
In any case, currently (and in version 2 too), MuseScore displays that - 2th pic.

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That may be the rule for adjacent voices, but for close-position chords, Gould states "Alternate the highest and lowest accidentals so as to allow a group of accidentals to be as compact as possible." This is the "rule" that is being applied in the OP's case. If you just enter the E flat and F sharp, the accidentals are ordered (left to right) flat, sharp. If you add the B natural it is taken as the highest accidental and is placed rightmost, then following the rule for close-position chords, this is followed by the lowest accidental, the flat which is placed to the left of the natural and then comes the sharp.

Having said that, this is possibly a case where that "rule" could and should be broken with the sharp and flat changing positions. Indeed, Gould has another "rule" for chords with adjacent notes: "It is visually helpful to place accidentals for adjacent notes in descending order, right to left away from the chord to reflect the arrangement of notes", but she adds, "It is also acceptable to follow the conventional order of accidentals."

MuseScore seems to be following Gould's main advice here, but It would be nice to have more control over how accidentals are arranged to accommodate these sort of corner cases and allow for alternative and equally valid treatments

It may be useful to note that a change to how MuseScore handles accidentals in altered unisons has been made for MS 4 (see #307196: Wrong order of accidentals in altered unison). I wonder if that will have any effect on cases like the OP's

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