Changing clef in entire document?

• Dec 11, 2021 - 18:09

I have a file for a violin piece, and I want to reformat it to alto clef for viola.

I presume there's a simple way to do this, but I can't find any option to change all the treble clefs to alto. How do I do this?


right-click into it, staff/instrument properties, change instrument, viola.
Or select 1st measure and then on the clefs palette select the desired clef. That won't change the range settings from violin to viola though.

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Right click into what? Right clicking on the clef shows no "staff/instrument properties" menu option.

I can drag the alto clef onto the treble, which changes it, but that doesn't transpose it. Using the "Transpose" option under tools doesn't seem to work correctly either. If I transpose it down by a perfect fifth interval, it correctly moves down the notes, but it changes the key signature from D Major to G Major, and it doesn't let me change it.

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To be clear: since the goal is presumably to actually change the instrument from violin to viola, right-clickng the clef isn't the way to get to the actual change instrument command. Instead right-click the staff.

But also, as noted, MuseScore will happily change the notation and playback sound for you, but it won't know if you happen to also want to transpose the music lower to make it easier to play on vuiola. Ypu'll have to decide about that yourself, and then do the job in Tools / Transpose (or use Ctrl+Down if it's just to move it an octave).

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