1st Page of My Full Score notes missing

• Jan 22, 2022 - 21:21

Hi -
After I went to the time and effort of creating the full score version of my piece, the staff lines are blank AND the first few notes including notes are showing up on the 2nd page and unlike when this happened a week ago where I was able to mouse the notes and rests back to the first page, it's not working and the notes with legato lines are "frozen" on page 2.

I intend to have this music published so will be buying music comp software of another brand.

This is crap!


I have not a real answer but if you supprim completly the fist measure, so your work start at measure 2, and insert a new 1st measure and re-write your notes , all is correct . I don't know the "why" but in coniunew view your 1st measure was empty, in page view it was different, the false image of the 1st measure in measure 4 was not true, if you zoom it disseapear, if you scroll up or down, also . So, supprim 1st measure and re-insert and re-write.

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