Un-install Musescore 2 and 3

• Mar 8, 2023 - 20:14

I have installed Musescore 4 but see that it does not seem to upgrade the previous versions but add a new one. Can I un-install version 2 and 3 without impacting the functionnality of version 4?

As for the scores themselves created in previous versions, will they still be in the folders labeled Musescore 2 and 3 even if I delete the programs ?

Last, any way to migrate all my scores at once into Musescore 4 , without having to individually open them accept that they are to be converted to Musescore 4 and then saved ?

thank you in advance for your support.


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thank you , simple answer is to clear up space on my pc that is reaching its maximum availble space ... and having a newer version why would i want to go back and use Musescore 2 or 3 ? they would not be of any use wanting to benefit of the latest with 4.

But I understand some homework on the previous scores created is required before I do that in order not to be stuck with issues... again thx

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