In beta 2.0: where is drum part in pallette?

• Sep 6, 2014 - 20:41

In 1.3, drums part was just below grace notes. Now it is no longer seen anywhere. How do I access drum part to write drum line?


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What do you mean about "R"? That is the shortcit for "repeat most recently entered note"; that hasn't changed except it has become less buggy. Could you describe 8specifically* what you are trying to do, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead? "R" shouldn't do anything until you've already added a note - there is nothing to repeat otherwise - but once you've added the note (by pressing a shortcut, clicking, using MIDI, etc), "R" should still work to repeat that note as it always has.

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For whatever reason, I found that "R" was the key I needed to use to write the drum notes in 1.3. Click the type of note --quarter,say,-- click the measure I wanted, then "R" and the note was written. I read something in the tutorial early on --somewhere--and it stuck in my head as the way to do it.

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Interesting, that *does* work in 1.3. But that was probably an accident; I'd even call it a bug. Because the "R" key in 1.3 did *not* work the way it was supposed to - repeating most recently entered note. Instead, it ignored the most recently entered note and instead entered whatever you had selected in the palette. And "R" wouldn't work at all in many cases.

Anyhow, the correct ways to enter drum notes are using the keyboard shortcuts listed in the drum set (potentially A-G depending on the drumset definition), double clicking the palette icon, clicking the icon then clicking in/ the staff, or using MIDI.

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