Unexpected Brace behaviour in staff/Tab systems

• Jun 1, 2015 - 10:42

I am using a conventional guitar staff/ linked Tab system with a brace applied across the two staffs at the left hand edge of each system. I turn off staff names and there is no horizontal offsetting of the system.

If I double click the brace, then press Ctrl + left arrow, the brace and the left-hand edge of the system moves to the right, thus offsetting the system. This is unexpected behaviour.


Sorry, I missed out an important detail. The staff/Tab system in question had a horizontal frame in front of it to provide an indent. So the insertion of a vertical text box caused the brace and the horizontal frame to break away.

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Yes, I can reproduce too. You can get the results you want by adding the frames in the opposite order - first add the text frame, then the horizontal frame.

What is happening right now is that MuseScore is taking you too literally. You said you wanted the text frame before the first measure, not before the horizontal frame. So it's trying to lay things out in that order: first the horizontal frame, then the text frame, then the first measure. But since the horizontal frame has nothing to attach to, you get this glitch. Probably MuseScore should figure out you really want the text frame to come before the horizontal frame. Feel free to file an bug report to the issue tracker (Help / Rebort a Bug) on this.

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