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• Feb 12, 2017 - 17:14

Under the latest version of Windows 10, using MuseScore 2.0.3, Revision 3c7a69d, I have been working on a score for SATB with Piano accompaniment which has 151 4/4 measures currently at 14 pages long.

The response time has been so slow, that I copied the Piano part into a separate file and deleted it from the SATB score (planning to copy it back in when input was complete). I also turned off the navigator. This seemed to help substantially. However, day before yesterday, when I loaded the score, the response time was so slow for input of notes and lyrics that each entry results in a wait of about 10 seconds (sometimes 20 seconds) before it is displayed on the computer screen and additional input is possible.

It was suggested that possibly a background service, such as an antivirus scan, could be causing the slowdown. Yesterday, when I loaded the score, the speed was not nearly as slow, suggesting that maybe this was indeed the case. However, today the slowdown has returned and while the score was loaded I used the task manager to determine that antivirus was not running. In fact, CPU usage was at 3% and Memory usage at 30%.

Marc Sabatella, in the facebook forum, suggested I post the score here as sometimes the file can be corrupted. So far, I have not found how to post the score. OK, I just found the file attachment link.

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use the "File attachments" option at the bottom of the page, just above the Save and Preview buttons when you're typing your post.
Try resizing the navigator, just slightly, or disable it.

It is getting faster with the linked parts removed. It is not nearly as slow though (without or wthout parts) as you describe. And I don't see any corruption either

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In that case, I guess I must have a problem with my computer. I don't seem to be very good at figuring out these kinds of computer problems. I am close to finishing this score and just now I was trying to enter some more lyrics. There was a very long run on the same syllable so I pushed the dash key 11 times in succession. The screen went blank with a notice "Not Responding" and I waited a little more than 1 full minute for the screen to return and it had only advanced 10 notes instead of the 11 I entered.

Task Manager indicates I have about 30 background processes in my system, but they are all predominantly dormant. A 1% or 1.5% CPU usage will appear for an instant now and then.

I wonder if it could be a corruption in my installation of MuseScore. This version has been installed for the better part of two years, and this problem is just now happening.

I have the same problem on my windows 10 system. The delay is not 10 seconds, but of course you only uploaded the voice parts. This is not the only score I have problems with. Every score with multiple instruments that gets to about 150 measures slows down considerably on me. I always enter scores in continuous view and never use the navigator. Of course I'm told the problem is my computer and not MuseScore.

I have resorted to doing what you suggested. I do my score in pieces of some sort, usually several measures at a time rather than an instrument at a time. I keep my work area and my score open at the same time because the open score does not significantly slow down the work area as long as I turn off autosave. I also delete my work area stuff after it is pasted into the score I'm working on.

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I notice something peculiar about lyrics entry. Even though entering lyrics one note at a time is just as slow as all other input, sometimes it happens that I can copy lyrics from one voice to another. When I do this, there doesn't seem to be any slowdown. Unfortunately, the only time I can copy lyrics from one voice to another is when the rhythmic pattern es exactly the same.

It's a fairly big score, but I have worked with plenty of larger ones successfully. Your score is fairly slow on my system, but nothing like it apparently is for you - edits take about 2 seconds each. My system is very low-powered; a Windows 10 laptop with an "M" series processor (the low power / fanless series).

Looking at the MSCX file itself in a text editor, I don't see the spurious slurs that I hypothesized might be causing problems - file looks fine.

One possible issue that can sometimes come into play is fonts. Time to render a score with lots of text can depend a lot on the fonts you use (and what OS you are on). But it looks like you are using the default FreeSerif font, so we *should* be seeing the same things.

I would definitely recommend keeping the Navigator off (your score isn't so large that it can't be navigated just as easily with page up/down or Ctrl+F), and also deleting the parts and only regenerating them when you are essentially done editing.

Still, I have no idea why things are so slow on your system. They are slow but not nearly *as* bad on mine.

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