Cannot change instrument name or hide them in parts

• Jan 6, 2019 - 16:08
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In version 2.x it was possible to change long and short instrument names from the parts. It was also possible to hide instrument names on individual staves, both in parts and scores. This is now impossible in version 3.

From a part:

  • Right click the part name or staff and select Staff/part properties
  • Change the long instrument name
  • click OK

Result, nothing changes, if you open staff/part properties again the change is undone. If you do it from the main score, both the main score and parts is affected.

See discussion in


It's been observed that with my change now making it possible to delete instrument names, there is unfortunately a crash on undo. This is because we are trying to re-establish the selection, and the old instrument is no longer valid - a new one has by then been generated to replace it. Probably the fix is to somehow suppress the re-establishing of selection. Somehow this doesn't seem to be a problem when deleting other quasi-generated elements - undo simply doesn't re-establish the selection which beats crashing for sure.

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If restoring a selection is an issue it probably needs to be disabled here. We can safely restore selection for elements that are not recreated on layout or deleted automatically in some other way so there is a limited number of element types there which are allowed to be restored in selection. Excluding InstrumentName from that condition should work, at least until some more proper solution is established on better selection restoration or better marking of "volatile" elements.

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I found an interesting way to get around the names not disappearing. If you are adding the new instrument(s) after writing the first instruments part, then that's when the bug appears. In order to get around it (at least until the bug is fixed) is to set the visibility to only one instrument, and then select all notes, cut it, then delete the names. after you've deleted the names, then you can paste back in the notes.

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I'm not understanding the issue. Can someone please attach a score and give precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem?

Marc, let's see what happens when your instrument change PR is merged. We'll then revisit this and see if it should be closed or clarified.

Which PR? The one to allow changes of instrument names after an Instrument Change? That was merged some time ago. But I don't see the relevance here, there was no mention of instrument change in the original description. What confused me is that the long name wouldn't normally show at all in the part, so of course changing the name won't have a visible effect. But if I uncheck the "Hide instrument name if there is only 1 instrument" option, the change appears normally.

Your PR was merged for the 3.3 release. The basic problem if you look at the original issue discussed in was that it is/was impossible to suppress instrument names in parts if you decide to make a part with 2 or more of the same instrument. This was possible in version 2. There is often no need for any part names on staves in this situation, but they are needed in the main score.

OK, I tried making a part with two instruments, then editing the long instrument name for one of them - again it worked as expected for me. Name changed in part, stayed the same in score. That's with 3.2.3

So unless someone can post a specific score and precise steps to reproduce a problem, we should close this.

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@Marc Sabatella wrote
> So unless someone can post a specific score and precise steps to reproduce a problem, we should close this.

As none of that did happen in the last 6 months, i'm taking the liberty to follow your suggestion :)

If anybody feels this needs to stay active, kindly reopen.