Check for update on RC: "No update available"

• Jan 12, 2019 - 08:19
Reported version
Ergonomical (UX)
S3 - Major

Expected behaviour: state that the GA is available, with version number and download link.

Suggested addition to future release RC release notes and/or announcements:

PLEASE NOTE: This RC cannot be updated to GA using the auto-update facility. You can still manually upgrade using thd OS-based installer from the download page.

macOS: I believe this is the case since both install/copy to the same directory. Not sure about other platforms.

If on any of the platforms

a) one cannot upgrade to GA using the installer, or
b) you have to uninstall RC before installing GA, or
c) RC and GA can live side-by-side,

... please communicate that so that users know what to expect.

Please manage users' expectation.


Status closed active

I took the liberty to reopen. If you feel strongly that RC not updating to the latest 3.x, please close and I will log another issue.

Status active fixed

I updated Sparkle configs so that RC is updated to 3.0.2. Btw, there are about 80 users of the RC per day and the number getting less each day. Updating configs is a matter of time, so I won't push any updates to RC in the future. I don't see the reason to push the latest version to RC users. They are able to get the stable version now, so no more updates.

Thank you Anatoly. I wasn't sure how much if any effort is required to update these. I am happy to leave this closed.

Add to frfrancha: Really unfortunate that one cannot point them to the latest and have to update the config for all pre-latest versions that a new version is out.

Is the config to update a PR? Or would it be possible to give the responsibility and permissions to update to a community member? I don't code, but know how to update the brew cask and scoop repo files via PR.