The Invasion of Acciaccaturas !!!

• Feb 28, 2019 - 00:59

After messing about (=struggling) with adding some lyrics to a score, I completely ignored the actual score and suddenly, out of a blue, every note (the whole lot) somehow acquired a grace note!
I have no idea as to what I must have accidentally pressed and unless there is a way of "bulk" removing these pesky acciaccaturas, I will have to remove them one by one ....
Any ideas out there ?
Many thanks,


Select all of the measures with acciaccaturas, then in the inspector click the Grace Notes button then delete and they will go away.

1) Click on any of the grace notes.

2) Click the mouse right button.

3) Chose the "Select all similar elements" option.

4) Use the "Edit" menu, "Delete" option.

BTW, The only one way I know to get all the Acciacaturas, all over the score, is to select all the score and then to click twice on the acciacatura symbol. If you didn't do that... It could be a bug... Maybe.

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Yes, that does it ...... how silly of me to forget to use the "Select all similar..." function ! That is in fact the "bulk" feature which I was after. And following it with a simple "Delete" did the trick.
Many thanks for the guidance !
BTW, apparently the shortcut for multiple Accias is "/" .... I must have pressed it accidentally after selecting most of the score.

The default shortcut to add acciaccatura is "/", you probably pressed that by mistake with the whole score selected. Undo (Ctrl+Z or toolbar button) right away would have fixed it, but if it's too late, then indeed, the Inspector is one way to select all grace notes. Another is to right-click one then Select / All Similar Elements.

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