How can I improve sound quality on a MuseScore exported mp3 file?

• Nov 22, 2017 - 21:55

The only easy answer I found up 'til now (I don't like playing around with soundfonts) is to export a musescore midi file to BIAB and record the played file on BIAB with my Zoom. Thanks for any other suggestions.


Improve in what way? The sound should be exactly the same as what you hear when you play back within the program, and that should be at least as good as what BIAB generates (rather better in most respects actually). Are you seeing otherwise, or do you really mean you want to improve sound in general? Some particular instrument you'd like more realistic, or what?

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I don't like what I hear in the program and yes, the mp3 sounds exactly the same. Maybe it's me but I like what BIAB renders for sax alto sound better than MuseScore. Listen to my attached mp3 files. For what it's worth, I'm enclosing my readme.txt on how I currently create solos and play them (I'm an amateur jazz fan who needs quite a bit of time to figure out the notes I want to play compared to a pro who does it "live". OOPS! The forum didn't let me send the mp3's. Well, at least the readme got thru. Bye!

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I don't feel comfortable juggling around fonts, files, configs. If I understand, the midi file from MuseScore is interpretated differently by different synthesizers and their corresponding fonts in each different player such as BIAB, windows media, etc. Once I tried a program called "Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter" which gave me some excellent jazzy sax sounds (lots better than BIAB) but it was not free. I will probably stay where I am for now and concentrate on playing my sax instead. Thanks!

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Hi. Found a way to send my mp3 files. See attached zip file. The mp3 (bof) file is what is rendered by MuseScore after I entered a transcribed, transposed Lester Young solo (in 1938) for the song "Broadway" . The good mp3 file was obtained after exporting the same solo as a midi file, and, if I remember correctly, a retouch on BIAB, re-exporting the midi file, and using "Direct Midi to MP3 converter". For me, the difference in quality is night vs. day! Shows me what you get depends on how much you pay. Finally, I might just have to fork out a few bucks(euros) for the tool.

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Hey, I like version 2! Is it possible for me to obtain these fonts? It's always been a hassle for me to add additional steps(BIAB, Direct midi to mp3 converter, switch,...) to obtain a decent mp3 reference model for practicing a solo on my sax. If yes, is it possible to easily configure these fonts? I'm not the computer configuration king. Thanks.

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It's easy to add your Soundfonts to MuseScore. Just copy it into the required folder.

First font is GMR Basico 1.1.sf2 -> (See white part of page)

The second font I use here isn't available (Studio Session Band). I made it. And not released it yet.

Musescore's Soundfont Page:

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Yes :)
I am working on it. It needs some more optimization.
Unfortunately, it's around 1GB now.
Like other fonts on the my site, it will be free.
If the optimization seems to take longer than necessary: Before releasing the main version, Maybe I can publish a version, containing GeneralMidi sounds only. I'm not sure yet.

Here you can follow (On the bottom of the page):

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Maybe you will have to test into the "Preference" menu, "Export" tab.

Please, check the boxes called: "Sample rate" (Best is 48000) and "Bitrate" (Best is 320).

It is better to click into the box "Normalize". It will put all the audio peaks (maximum audio volume values) at the maximum possible level, without to distort the wave.

This values are very critical to the final MP3 quality sound.

A bit late to the party, but exporting on WAV produces much better quality. You can then use converters to change it to MP3 elsewhere. To test this, try them both an then compare file sizes: the larger the better!

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