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• May 2, 2018 - 05:51

Hello. So I truly enjoyed using musescore for composing and notating my compositions for college. But I needed the Pro account to view the pdf files and print out some things and dp a few other things that it said only a Pro account could do. So I signed up for the free trial. I don't need the Pro account anymore so I never used it after the one time I needed the Pro feature. However, I forgot about the Pro account and a few days ago $49 was taken out of my bank account. I contacted Musescore twice through email asking for a refund. But there has been no response. What should I do?


Some might say $49 is next to nothing. But I could survive and buy food for 10 off of that. I'm in college with next to no money. Trying to barely pay my tuition. And this $49 is a lot of money to me. So I would appreciate it if Musescore could at least have the decency to contact me back and try and reach an agreement with me. I would like a full refund of my money.

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I was just wanting to retrieve music my friend composed and I saw there was a free trial so I joined and was instantly charged $29. I’ve been arguing to get my money back to no avail. They say when I decided to pay $29 instead of $49 there wasn’t a free trial anymore. I am not a musician and can not use this product. It was an error. No refund. No customer service.

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I'm not aware of any PDF view and print option that would requite a pro account, you can export to PDF directly from MuseScore, also including parts.

Reg. reply to your email: yesterday was a public holiday here in (most parts of) Europe.

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There was some sort of feature on Musescore (that I am forgetting now) that could only be accessible through Pro. I believe it was the feature to separate all of the parts into pdf's. That isn't a big deal since I signed up for the free trial anyways. But the problem is that (I don't know if I cancelee my subscription to late or something) I would like a refund of my money for the Pro account. I canceled my subscription because I don't ever use Musescore for anything but what the free stuff already allows you to do.

I have forwarded your refund request to the support team. They will answer when it's done. Thank you for your patience.

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I just checked my email and I received an email from somebody from Musescore saying that they can't give me a refund if I'm still using my Pro subscription. However, I definitely cancelled my subscription. And I sent them a screenshot of my subscription saying my Pro subscription was cancelled on April 27. Is this a glitch of some sort? Because I definitely cancelled my subscription.

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Thomas! You seem to be the man that gets things done! I've sent an email and sent a message on the contact form on this site about getting a refund. What might I be able to do to help move this along? As embarrassing as this is, it overdrafted my account and I would really like to get a response as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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Thomas was that men in the old times. Since the transfer of ownership from MuseScore to the UG-group, using the support mail address and/or the contact form is the only way.
Also note that you are on the forum of the music notation software (.org). Nobody reading here can help you out with subscription issues of the online sharing platform (.com)

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Hey Thomas, I am in the same boat that user:Jazid was in a while back. I used the free Musescore service and forgot to cancel my subscription before i card got charged. I have unsubscribed and have not used any services. Is it at all possible that i could have my $49 refunded?

Thank you for your time and God bless you.

I still have not received my refund as of May 3rd. There has been no follow up help from the support team. I would like somebody to explain Something to me.

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Please. I need this refund. I don’t make that much money and I know that $50 doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is for me. That money puts meals on the table for me. I don’t mean to bother you, but if there is any possible way you can get me the money refunded it would help so much. I’m begging you.

The same thing happened to me. It's honestly upsetting how horrible customer service is. There is also no phone number to call and I have no idea if I'm talking to a real person. But this gives me hope and I want to know if you can reach out and help me out.

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im suffering from the same situation, i have contacted the custmer service but give no help, you can see that everyone has no choice but to talk about it here. This horribly misleading website has ripped off too many and no one will help us. 50 euro is too much for us, and is sorely needed.

HI PLEASE I am in the same situation I am in the need for a refund I can t afford 49 dollars I am a student on a budget If anyone sees this please help me ge through the muescore help center I sent emails but they did not reply I am not using the pro subscirption now at all I only used muescore once and I still paid around 10 dollars back then please help me!

same happended to me... I'm so frustrated. I also struggle with a little money. gosh... Could you let me know how it ended?

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