The synthesiser in musescore 3 has a cold ?

• Jan 13, 2020 - 23:02
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S3 - Major

Open Musescore 3
-write one or more voices including low pitched notes
-set the mixer parameters and listen

I've noticed with several versions of musescore 3 (3.0 3.2 3.3) that the synthesizer has a problem since there is low pitched notes with deep tone : I heard something like cuts ( like "flap" sounds) at the end of the notes and even in the middle.
I haven't such any the problem with musescore 2 (that's why I've set "workaround" on "yes") so I suppose it's not a hardware problem
I've tried all the possible combinations in the i/o preferences


Frequency Once Many

EDIT 26/1/20 : The issue has been fixed (no more cuts after playing a single note and very few while playing a sequence) in last update, thank you developpers
EDIT 23/1/20 : To new readers : Like I say in next comments, the problem occurs while playing notes during edition or during playback, so it's in fact a problem only with the musescore PLAYER
When there are lots of instruments in the score I heard a brutal cut at the end of each sequence or single note I playback and several cuts in the middle when it's a sequence with lots of instruments, so it's very unpleasant to listen. A short example is attached.

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The mixer configuration : default values for acoustic properties
Instrument : Musescore General or Fluid R3 (I've tried both) for each instrument its name in the soundfont

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Thanks to both of you for your reading
I've managed to reduce but not to resolve the issue setting my audio system preferences ( I'm on Mojave with a 2015 Macbook) : output format on 44100hz (minimum) instead of 96 000 (maximum) and I've got the impression that setting each instrument on a different port reduce the problem a little more.

Maybe I've not been clear enough : the problem doesn't occurs while listening after exporting but while listening in musescore and while playing notes during edition

I've got the impression that the sound satures at random points (not the sames at each plays), the noise is like when you listen a vinyl with a few specks of dust.
And I still don't understand why I have no such problem with musescore 2 ...

MuseScore 2 used a different soundfont, smaller and IIRC not SF3 (compressed)?
What's the synthesizer settings looking like? What Soundfonts loaded in the Fluid tab, what is its Volume set to?

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It is not a problem of soundfonts, I've tried both version with the same soundfonts (FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3, Musescore_General.sf3, Sonatica_Symphonic_Orchestra.sf2)
I've tried with the synthesiser on default configuration (medium volume and light Zita1) and I've quickly tried some modifications, including no effects at all, the problem still occurs.

But I've understand something else very important to mention :

The problem appears now only which at least 6-7 instrument and it's intensity grows with the number of instruments/parts in the score !!!!! (so it's probably a ressource acquisition problem)

And When I have 8 instruments or more I heard after each listening of a note or sequence a brutal cut at the end and one or to in the middle when it's a long sequence (it was one per second when I've created the topic because my old system configuration) , it is not a big problem but it's flagrant.

However I consider that the problem is now a little less major, given that I've considerably reduce the intensity of the phenomena switching my system output preferences on 44100 Hz like I've said.

Have a nice day