Drumline Soundfont

• Feb 16, 2020 - 15:26

So a few updates ago the old drumline soundfont kind of just disappeared. I know MDL exists and I still use it, but I preferred the old sounds for marching band. MDL works well for drum corps and indoor percussion, but I don't like it as much for basic marching band. If I select the old marching drums as instruments they still use the MDL soundfont. Does anyone know how to get the old sounds back?


They shouldn't use MDL, I guess it might be possible to force them to via the mixer, but by default they shouldn't. Can you attach your score with the problem?

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Well, I'm not an expert in what those samples sound like, but I can verify this is playing back using the standard soundfont, not MDL, for me. Specifically, it's using the "Marching Snare" drumkit. Maybe this kit was updated in the standard soundfont was updated to use some of the same samples as MDL?

The old samples for marching percussion instruments in MuseScore_General.sf3 were replaced with MDL samples.

I do agree that while these are great for corps style marching, it is not a good fit for other types of marching and rudimental percussion - military, show style, pipe band, etc.

We hope to be able to specifically address these segments at some point.

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