Beam across measures

• Apr 5, 2011 - 11:45
S5 - Suggestion

When trying to make a beam that starts with the last note of one measure and that extends to for example the 4th note of the following measure this does not work. See figures for more information.
When I select the note in the first measure together with the 4 notes in the second measureand then double click "middle beam' I get one beam spanning also the first 5 notes in the first measure.
What I want is: a beam of 5 notes in the first measure and a second beam of 5 notes starting with the sixth note of the first measure...

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Sorry, I am rather new here: what do you mean with 'fixed in trunk'? And Marked for '1.0' ? I am using musescore 1.0...
Thanks for your help!

Trunk refers to the current code for MuseScore 2.0. There might be a 1.X release based on the code of MuseScore 1.0 before MuseScore 2.0. That's why I marked this bug for 1.X, in case it can be solved.

Title [1.0] Beam across measures Beam across measures
Status (old) active fixed

Still present in 1.X but fixed for 2.0.