[Trunk] Opening scores is broken

• Apr 14, 2011 - 03:03
S2 - Critical

It will play, but it will jump about and mess the timing, etc.

Using MuseScore 2.0 nightly build (4186) - Mac 10.4.11.


Not all scores - thought it may have been to do with a tie or multi-voice, but some scores proved otherwise.

The Promenade example (drums) plays - the piano version doesn't (pauses, jumps, etc).

Why did you change the title of the issue ? Try to be more specific in your bug reports.
Which file did you try to open? Did you try several (the demo)? If it's only one can you attach it ?
How did you try to open it (via double click in the finder ? via file -> open ? via recent files?)

I changed the title as I realised what the actual issue was - the original description is the same (if a little vague).

There is a score previously attached - the piano demo doesn't play correctly either (I outputted it from 1.0, because 4200 opens with the quick drum example).

I've attached another score it happens to (bar 2 timing is corrupt - see image). I tried Open, Open Recent and double-click on this.

I've tried a number of scores - some it happens to, others it doesn't.

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Hard Luck Story.mscz 2.42 KB
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This bug is MAC specific and the picture (BrokenScore.jpg) indicates that the score font is not found for some reason. When loading the same file sometimes i got a broken font (and a crash short after loading) and sometimes its ok.
Using the latest Qt libraries (self compiled from git repository) i do not see the bug.

I exported an MP3 from 4233 (see score ). There's no pauses or big mess - just some notes are incorrect (at the change from 2-3 seconds) and an extra one at the end.

I also don't know if there's a corruption in the attached score. In bars 11/12/13, the problem is there. Barlines also appear in 12/13.

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Corruptions and bar lines.mscz 3.53 KB
Status (old) active fixed

I'm going to mark this as fixed - I think the scores it happened to were corrupt.

Using MuseScore 2.0 nightly build (4233) - Mac 10.4.11.