Bracket can't be extended to end on staff if next staff is invisible

• Mar 18, 2016 - 10:26
P1 - High
S4 - Minor

Brackets can not be extended to cover a system of multiple staves.
GIT commit: f51dc11


The bracket when "Double click on the bracket, and drag the bottom point down to the lowest stave", it returns to its original state. It does not stay in the position to leave it.

If I could send a video in .mp4 format, you would understand when to see.
The video takes 3.08 Mb. Would I send for some means?



This fourm can't upload videos. However, if you can post a series of pictures here, that would work. Can you also post your .mscz? Also, what OS are you on (I don't know if that matters)?

Status (old) needs info by design

You can't extend your bracket downwards because the 2nd staff already has a bracket. It actually has 3 brackets! You can see this as soon as you turn one of the other instruments visible as well.

After removing those three brackets already present, you can extend your bracket as intended.

Title Problem with "Square bracket" Bracket can't be extended to end on staff if next staff is invisible
Status (old) by design active

Your score has dozens of invisible staves, that seems to be the source of the problem. Was this done intentionally? Were you perhaps marking staves invisible when you should instead have been using parts (File / Parts)?

Anyhow, I can now reproduce the problem:

1) new score using Strng Quartet template
2) Edit / Instruments
3) uncheck Visible for Viola staff
4) OK
5) try to adjust bracket to cover top two staves only

Result: you can't. The bracket will not stop at the Violin II staff; you can brqacket either the top staff only or all three. The invisible Viola staff is preventing the bracket from ending at the Violin II staff.

BTW, my response crossed with jeetee's. Multiple brackets might well have this effect "by design", but the issue with invisible staves can be reproduced with only a single bracket. So I do consider this a bug, although perhaps a duplicate of the one I referenced above.

I recall this happening to me before as well when I had an invisible staff, and worked around it by doing what that other bug report says: make all staffs visible before extending brackets.

I'm wondering if maybe there should be a message that pops up saying something like "set all instruments visible before extending brackets.". That way people aren't surprised when their N-staff brackets becomes >N staves. But then again no one likes error messages.