Adapt the update checker to cope with all windows packages

• Apr 7, 2016 - 10:18
S5 - Suggestion

The portable version announce the update to a new version. Following the offered link, I come to

THis is not the installationfile for the portable version.


I realise now that we triggered the update checker in MuseScore too soon, as it also affects the Portable MuseScore users for which there is indeed no update available yet.

The PortableApps team has been notified about the new 2.0.3 version and is working on it. Once released, we'll announce it via our twitter/facebook/google+ and later on via the MuseScore newsletter. Thank you for your patience.

Title Update Portable Version Windows Adapt the update checker to cope with all windows packages
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@hasenfuss I'm reopening your issue and turn it into a complete issue description while providing a solution.

We have several windows packages such as the official Windows one, external PortableApps one and the unsupported SSE2 and win64 ones. All of them use the same update checking mechanism, fetching the same remote file to learn whether there is an update available or not. Obviously this doesn't work out well in case there is an updated release available, while there are no binaries yet for all packages.

There are two solutions possible

1. We disable the update checker for all but the official MuseScore package for Windows

2. We make a remote file for each package, allowing each package to be updated when a new binary is available for download

We may go for option 1 as this is the least trouble. and the Updater don't announce an update, because there is none yet.
MuseScore Portable has deactivated internal MuseScore update checker by default.
If you activate it, you're on your own.

Thanks for chiming in Bart!

@hasenfuss could you confirm you had manually activated the update checker under Edit > Preferences > Update

If you want an environment variable set just say it.
If I should disable automated check on every launch just say it.