New update today freezes upon save or save as

• Apr 27, 2016 - 23:13
Reported version
S2 - Critical

I cannot save my work, following the download today of version 2.03, revision 3c7a69d.

Please help

GIT commit: 3c7a69d


In order to help, we would need you to post the specific score youa re having problems with, and precise steps to reproduce the problem. Also say what OS you are on. In general, the save function works just fine, so it must be something about your specific score or your specific system.

Also, for the record, the "assigned" field is to identify the person who will *fix* a bug, not the person who reported it. That is why I unassigned you.

EDIT: I guess if you can't save the score, it might be hard to post. But maybe you could post the current version of it, assuming you started it with a previous version? Or you can reproduce this in a score you create from scratch, maybe describe step by step everything you do the score before saving.

I am using Windows 10. I have had no problems until today, when I updated MuseScore to the new update.

This was a new score that I input today from scratch. It froze when I clicked "save." I do not know how I can post the score, because it freezes when I hit save, save as, or export. How do I post something I cannot save?

When it freezes, my only option is to force a shut-down of the application. When I re-launch, it asks if I want to restore my last session. I answer "yes" and my score is displayed. But once again, if I try to save or save as or export, it freezes.

if I want to restore my last session (therefore the file is present) try to open, disables the Navigator (F12), and try to save again

Hi Anne, to my knowledge, we haven't received a similar problem report yet, so we don't have a direct solution for you yet.

Does this issue happen with any score you would make in MuseScore or just this particular one you were working on?

You can save the one you can't save via File > Save Online ... where you enter your online MuseScore account credentials. Once done, you'll be able to download the file via your MuseScore account. That will give us the opportunity to check out the file.

If that doesn't work - maybe Save Online will hang too? - the fact that you were able to recover the autosaved file means it exists on your system so you should be able to grab that directly. I am unfortunately not sure where it would be stored on Windows 10, but see - maybe check C:\Users\(YOURUSERNAME)\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScore2\, and look for the msot recent file.

I installed the update (2.2.1) today, and it hangs (with the spinning rainbow) on almost anything I do. On every save it hangs. It causes the error message "Renaming temp.file to failed: permission denied" I tried changing the permissions through the command i (information screen) to no avail. My computer is a mid year 2012 Macbook pro, running on 10.13.4; with 8 gigs of onboard memory, and approximately 14 GB of free hard drive space. My 2.2.1 also hangs when I enter some notes, not every one, but fairly often. Strange :-(

Probably better to ask for help on the Support forum where more people will see and be able to help. First thing I'd suggest, though, is a reboot of the computer, followed if necessary by Help / Revert to Factory Setting from within MuseScore.