Channel change contained in staff text is not reflected in linked part

• May 3, 2016 - 21:45
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S4 - Minor

In my workflow in use linked parts a lot. I have a strange behavior with staff text containing channel changes in linked parts.

1) If I enter staff text in the main score and apply a channel change, e.g. changing the violin from normal to pizzicato this is not reflected in the linked part. The staff text itself is present in the linked part, but not the channel change.
2) If I copy the staff text (in main score) and paste it to a different staff or different position on the same staff, then it is reflected correctly in the linked part, including the channel change.
3) If I delete the staff text from example 1) from the main score, the text is not deleted in the linked part
4) If I delete the pasted staff text from example 2) in the main score, it is correctly deleted in the linked part as well

Can anyone reproduce this behavior? BTW, the same behavior applies to staff text containing midi actions as well.

GIT commit: 3c7a69d


In the attached file, I took away and added channel changing text and all worked as expected with one exception. If you remove the staff text from either the score or the part and click on an affected note, it will be as though the text were still there. Press play (or press space) and it will play as expected. If I change from part to score (or the other way around) I get the same results.

The text also went away as expected.

This was done completely in version 2.1.

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Sorry, I cannot confirm this behavior. Did you create the parts before or after adding staff text?

If I add staff text and choose a channel in the main score with parts already created, only the text is added to the part, not the channel change. If I create the parts after creating the staff text / channel changes everthing works fine, but this was the case in 2.0 as well.


I can confirm the problem still exists. The first part, anyhow. Steps to reproduce:

1) new score, String Quartet template
2) enter three measures of quarter notes into Violin I part
3) add "pizz" text to second measure, set channel to pizzicato for voice 1
4) generate parts
5) add "arco" text to third measure, set channel to normal for voice 1
6) view part
7) play

Result: the "pizz" is honored (having been added before parts are generated) but not the "arco". The arco is honored in the score only. But you can then set it normally in the part.