Shorten "Fret offset number font size" to "Fret number font size"

• May 11, 2016 - 19:59
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

2.0.3 on Win 7/10

In "Style → General... → Chord Symbols, Fretboard Diagrams > Fretboard diagrams".

Shorten "Fret offset number font size" to "Fret number font size."


Title Shorten property name in "Chord Symbols, Fretboard Diagrams" section Shorten "Fret offset number font size" to "Fret number font size"

For a non-guitarist, can you explain what the "offset" means in there?

Also, while at it, what about renaming "Chord Symbols, Fretboard D..." (which is what it's most likely to show up as) to "Chords"?

I'm against renaming "Chord Symbols, Fretboard Diagrams" to just "Chords", as the latter is ambigous.
I'm not a guitarist either, but offset here means the start of the diagram vs. the real fretboard.

1. IMO, "Fret number font-size" would do the job. I don't think the extra word "offset" adds any extra essential meaning.


2. As JJS has pointed out, the current section name, "Chord Symbols, Fretboard Diagrams," is absolutely correct, and gives a clear indication to the user of its content.

I entered the hyphen by mistake. It should have read, "Fret number font size".

Incidentally, according to : "In modern English in general, the use of hyphens is decreasing, especially with regard to compound nouns."

Something needs to be done about "Chord Symbols, Fretboard Diagrams," though. Do any of you actually see that full phrase in MuseScore on your systems? Here's the online RollApp version, which I'm considering a neutral platform:


There's no way to tell what the full text is after the ellipsis. "Chords" might be ambiguous, but it's ambiguous between chord symbols and fretboard diagrams. ;-)

Another possibility is "Chord symbols and diagrams." uses this exact term on its website (could be shortened, perhaps, to "Chord symbols, Diagrams"). The term "Chord diagrams" is widely used.