Regression—barline editing handled incorrectly

• May 13, 2016 - 00:47
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S3 - Major

Double click on barline doesn't show the blue handles in this nightly build version.
Cheers, Philip

GIT commit: 45f0100

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Not just double-click—[Cmd]+[E] to enter edit mode doesn't work, and none of the span controls in the Inspector work.

BTW, did you mean to say that you're investigating a fix when you assigned this issue to yourself?

Title Regression—barline or bracket span can't be edited Regression—barline span handled incorrectly

barline: #108171: Regression - Barline properties in inspector don't work
seems that this problem was only partially fixed.
bracket: #108746: Can't change span of staves for braces

Also, barlines are acting very weirdly.
1. new score > two violins
2. double-click barline after the first measure rest
Result: can't edit the span
3. change "spanned staves" in inspector to 2
Result: span doesn't change
4. repeat step 2
Result: can edit span
5. change "style" in inspector to "dashed barline"
Result: barline doesn't span anymore.
Step 5 can be done for any barline.

Status (old) fixed active

Works for a single barline, but doesn't change all others for the same staves
Doesn't change at all when using inspector (see #108171: Regression - Barline properties in inspector don't work)
Shows artifacts in top staff (while dragging a barline in a lower staff)
Trying to change one barline's span in inspector, shortens other barlines that had been made longer manually
It is possible to edit the Initial barline, that change doesn't 'survive' the next relayout though

Brackets/braces editing seems to be fixed though