(Mac) Editor windows open on secondary monitor even when it's disconnected

• Jun 19, 2011 - 15:27
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

When a secondary monitor is used to edit scores, the score window will open in the same area when MuseScore is restarted with the second monitor disconnected. As a result the score edit windows will be invisible.
The only remedy is to reconnect the second monitor.

This is an awkward bug: since my main computer is a laptop the secondary monitor is absent when I'm away from home and I can't edit any scores until I get back.

This can be worked around by repositioning the windows to the main monitor before quitting MuseScore, but that can only be done when the secondary monitor is still connected, not afterwards.



Version: 1.1
Revision: 4611
Mac OS X: 10.5.8

Disconnecting the second display *while running musescore* correctly gathers the windows.

"Disconnecting the second display *while running musescore* correctly gathers the windows."

That is hardly a solution: when the second monitor is still connected, I can also gather the windows manually.

The problem occurs when I'm away from home (and the second monitor), this happened to me again recently when I forgot to reposition the windows before quitting MS. In that situation you're effectively locked out of the application until you connect a secondary display and if none are available there is simply nothing you can do.

A "gather windows" command would be very helpful in this situation, and shouldn't be too hard to implement.

"That is hardly a solution..."

Sorry. Not implying this is in any way a solution. Just confirming that it affects me too. The problem drove me crazy for half an hour while I tried to get the window while away from my second display too! I could see it with Expose and Space, could drag it from space to space, but could never drag it to the principle display. The only potential solutions I found were 1) Use an Applescript to move all windows back to the main desktop, or 2) Delete the preference .plist file. (As I have a second monitor, I ended up plugging it back in.)

Some people recommended that Window -> Zoom can help, but as musescore does not have a Window menu,
I was just emphasizing that this is an issue with how the placement information is saved, not with the window placement in general. Hopefully this helps isolate the issue.

Well, Nice to know I'm not the only one having this problem.
That applescript solution sounds like it might be very useful. Could you share it here?