toggle accidentals in note entry

• Jun 4, 2016 - 18:04
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If someone wants to enter a note with an accidental, in some of the note entry methods, they must first enter the wrong note (without the accidental) and then change it to the correct note (by adding the accidental).

This is a problem because entering the wrong note first can interrupt the train of thought of the musician that is trying to write a musical line.
(The program plays the wrong note through the speakers, and the user hears this wrong note that is not part of the musical line.)

The user should be able to toggle chromatic alterations so that the correct note can be entered to begin with.

I recognize some note entry methods allow accidentals when entering notes (the onscreen piano, or midi input), but it would be better if any method (or at least the most popular methods) allowed it.

This covers some of this issue:
(but not all of it, because I don't think it is nearly as important for articulations.)

My solution is to have toggled buttons for raising or lowering the pitch by a half step. I think this is better than toggling sharp or flat or natural accidentals because the same pattern can be used for a musical line in any key.
Toggling the accidentals is another possibility that could be added later.


This is a feature that Finale has, and users switching from Finale to MuseScore will be disappointed if MuseScore doesn't have it.

The PR didn't pass the tests, not sure why, might be due to an issue that got fixed recently, in which case a rebase would fix it, or it is caused by the changes in the PR, in which case they need to get fixed, one way or the other

Status active fixed

With the new note input workflow, the accidental buttons are toggles that affect the next note. So this is no longer an issue. Therefore, I am marking this as fixed.