[trunk] Preference values overwritten on program initialisation

• Jul 12, 2011 - 17:25
S4 - Minor

Setup: rev. 4493; Ubuntu 11.04, Qt SDK 1.1 (Qt lib 4.7.3)


Some preferences are disregarded, among them the default sound font and, possibly, some default paths. This happens because in file mscore/mscore/musescore.cpp, function main():

*) FIRST in line 2134 function Preferences::read() is called, which reads the preferences from the .ini file;

*) THEN in line 2220 function MScore::init() is called which overwrites some of the read values with default values, without relying on preferences.

EITHER MScore::init() should be called before Preferences::read()
OR MScore::init() should be modified to take preferences into account.

As this is a design decision, I do not provide patches.




Status (old) closed active

Hmmm... happens again in rev. 4712 (same setup as in original post):

1) Change the default sound font preference to a custom sound font
2) press OK
3) re-start MuseScore

Result: the factory default (.../TimGM6mb.sf2) is still the default sound font.


I remove Concert Pitch and Foto Mode from the interface, then move Note entry to the second line.

However, when I load the program, the settings go to what they were before.

I don't know if it's related?

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (4787) - Mac 10.6.8.

Interesting! I've have the soundfont issue in the trunk for some time (default defined, but the synth panel has no sound font). I thought I reported it and had it fixed some time ago but it does still happen. Maybe that was in the branch only.

I can't reproduce your issue with the preferences (R4786). If I change the layout of my toolbar, it stays that way between quits and relaunched (Win7). I'm recompiling R4789 right now to check again.

It's been happening for a little while now - sorry, I should have said that.

It might be a Mac exclusive, or a problem on my machine. I deleted the .ini file and factory reset, but I don't think it made a difference.

Sometimes on 1.1, the top tools don't appear at all.

Nasty issues with the Mac version! I've recompiled R4789 under Win7 and still no issues seen. I've reduced my toolbar to only the note entry, moved things around, etc with no issues.

Status (old) active fixed

The original bug is fixed in r4929 trunk.

Regarding #5 and #7, please create a new bug report if you have steps to reproduce. The top level tool bar might be hidden by MacOSX. Click on the top right button to make it appear like in this picture