Incorrect translation on Australian English systems

• Jun 15, 2016 - 13:43
Reported version

In Australia, British English music terms are used (as is British English over American English). MuseScore, however, defaults to using the American English terms unless specified.

This appears on OSX and Linux, locale outputs LANG="en_AU.UTF-8".


Thanks for the link. Thought it would be more appropriate here as it's the auto-detection picking the wrong locale (it should be English (GB) as opposed to English (US)), rather than a specific translation being different.

We do have en (builtin and US English) and translations for en_US and en_GB, but nothing for en_AU. Qt, when asked for en_AU falls back to plain en, when no en_AU translation is found. Not much we can do about it, I'm affraid, other than to add en_AU to the translations (and make that a copy of the en_GB translations)

Easiest solution for you would be to manually change from "System" (en_AU, fallback to the builtin en) to "English (GB)"

Wouldn't user in Canada (en_CA) have the same issue?

Interestingly Transifex doesn't have the option to add en_AU (it has en_CA though)

We may be able to special-case en_AU (and en_CA) in mscore/musescore.cpp, line 2176