Tuplets: Allow hook length and thickness to be adjusted

• Jun 16, 2016 - 13:04
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion


Tuplets need to have additional editable properties. For example, in the image below the hooks are too long:


The right and left hook length could be added to the Inspector under "Tuplet."

In addition would it be a good idea to allow:

1. Hook length
2. Thickness

to be set in Style > General > Tuplets?

See also: Adjust tuplet bracket thickness and hook height


What do you mean "too long"? Those look like the standard lengths to me. Not that having options to create non-standard tuplets wouldn't be nice too.

If you change the font size of tuplets (Style >Text…) the hook height remains unchanged which accounts for the disproportion:

8pt tuplets

16pt tuplets

Could the hook height be automatically adjusted to suit the font size?

Can you poiunt to a reference that says the hook oength should be proportional to the numeral size? Gould says only that the numeral should be 1.5sp tall, and says nothing about hook length that I can see.

Reported version 2.1 3.0

Thickness of the tuplet bracket is already available as a style in General > Style > Tuplet > Bracket thickness in master. We will not add any style in 2.0.X.

1.5sp tall for the numeral, our numeral are a bit smaller currently at 10pt, maybe we should change the default style to 11pt.

It would be a good idea, IMV, to:

1. Allow the user to set a default hook height (in Style >General > Tuplets) and possibly to be able to adjust it for individual tuplets (as Finale does).

2. Allow some finer control over number position in relation to the bracket.

Both of these features are available in Finale, for example.