Instrument change return to previous channel

• Jun 28, 2016 - 10:14
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

In regard to, Musescore should make it possible for instrument changes in a stave to replay a specified MIDI channel after an initial instrument change.


That would be ideal until someone wants to use the same instrument but with another channel to be able to pan it differently or change the volume separately.

I see the "instrument change" text as defining a "part" rather than an "instrument". If the user wants to change some property of an instrument (e.g. channel, volume, effect, etc.) then they are actually adding a new part, even if the new part is the same MIDI instrument as the previous one.

The user would be given a list of parts that have previously appeared in the staff (defined by their "part name" or "long instrument name"), or the option to add a new one. If they choose an existing one then there is no new entry in the mixer. If they add a new one then a new entry is created in the mixer and they can be adjusted independently. Of course, the user is free to give the new part a similar name to an existing one.