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• Jul 31, 2011 - 13:55
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Although I can't speak Japanese, using Google Translate for tells me that information on MuseScore seems to be very outdated. If someone can speak Japanese, please help us a hand to improve this page.


I tried to start reading the Japanese forum entries -- the first truly hideous problem is that dates are mangled, being written in the idiosyncratic* American order, but with bits in Japanese. How does one edit the forum software to do it properly? There should be a way of specifying the date format, since no language other than American uses their whimsical* order.

Brian Chandler

* Look at these polite words I thought of!

Hey Brian, thanks for leaving a comment. Good tip regarding the date formatting in Japanese. Give me a day to fix this. In the meantime, if you have more tips, don't hesitate.

The bottom line is that there is *no* Japanese wikipedia page on (our) musescore. The page: starts with an unofficial(?) disambiguation, saying there are two things called "Musescore" -- (1) is a program written by someone called Nishino for creating "Muse" data without learning its syntax, and "Muse" is a program written by Kato Ichiro for generating MIDI data. Then (2) refers to ("our") Musescore. The article is about (1) -- it says "See English Wikipedia for (our) Musescore"

Somewhat unfortunate name clash. The Japanese program only runs on Windows, and is described as (ja:) "Free soft", a somewhat vague term meaning "doesn't cost money", whereas MS is referred to as GNU GPL software.


Status active fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit b82a913354

fix #11842: during the score layout, system staves may be added later than expected in Segment::createShape (if the user adds a new part to the score).