Tablature beam not drawing correctly in Full or Common Tablature staff

• Jul 18, 2016 - 19:13
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See the attached .mscz file. If you zoom in, it's easier to see, but the beam on these 1/8th notes starts too far to the right of the first stem. It looks like it's starting at the right edge of the first stem instead of the left edge. The beam will also need to be made longer, as the right edge of the beam ends in the correct spot horizontally.

This is not an issue in 2.0.3.

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tab beam issue.mscz 3.67 KB



- With the 2.0.3, as expected:


- With the last nightly (e8b3f95)


Not checked for now if related to the mentioned issue above (comment #1), or not.

@cadiz1- your beam graphic is the correct size, just shifted to the right by the width of a stem. I just looked again and that is the case. My original assessment that the right side was aligned properly is wrong. I don't know what I was looking at...

So: The beam is the correct size, it is simply offset to the right.

"The beam is the correct size, it is simply offset to the right."

Yes, that's what I had noticed too.

And after checking, I confirm this is one more side effect of the implementation of the new layout code, intervened in mid-April.

- With the 2.0.3:

- With this Nightly in mid-April: fe2eea4
14 avril.jpg

I've been doing SVG exports of tablature for my own scores, so I'm noticing this stuff in some detail now. Take another look at the last two graphics posted by @cadiz1. It looks to me like it's the stems that have shifted to the left, while the numbers and the beam have stayed constant.

You might also notice that the shifted stem (last graphic, latest build) is more properly centered on the number than the unshifted stem, so maybe maybe it is the beam that now needs to follow suit. But I wanted to note the "facts on the ground" as they are now. From my recent observations, the centering of stems above numbers is a bit sketchy anyway, so I don't have a solid reference point for what's correct and what's incorrect here.

There are 3 moving parts in this horizontal alignment situation and one or more of them is off. 4, if you add in the centering of the number in the blank space in the staff line, which is the same in both graphics above, but not properly centered in either of them.

Title Tablature beam not drawing correctly in Full Tablature staff Tablature beam not drawing correctly in Full or Common Tablature staff

See the attached, updated .mscz file. The second staff is "simple" and the third staff is "common" tablature format. All the beams for down-stems are shifted the opposite direction of the up-steam beams, for both full and common formats (common only has down-stems).

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Really unexpected and bad beaming. The 3.0 cannot certainly be released with this ugly displaying.