1.X score with E#'s displaying as F#'s

• Aug 3, 2011 - 18:52
S2 - Critical

XP SP3 r3996

See attached exercise I am making for myself.

1. Make new score using grand staff.
2. go to 2nd system.
3. Add notes as seen using the mouse and the digits.
4 Go to 4th beat of 1st bar, (bar 3).As the E#s should be naturals, try to change them via up/down arrows or the symbols in the task bar.

Expected result: accidentals show.
Actual result: Cannot add the accidentals.


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FWIW, the workaround seems to be, as is the case in other situations involving Cb, B#, Fb, and E#, to work backwards through the measure. That is, add the notes without the accidentals first, then go add the accidentals in reverse order starting at the end of the measure. In this case, all you need to do is change note on "3+" to an E, then back to E#, and the natural appears on the note on "4".

The workaround? Let me try again, more directly:

First, I assume you are actually talking about the third system, not the second - there are no E#'s on the second system. In that first bar of the third system, click on one of the two E#'s on beat "3+". Hit down arrow to turn it into an E, then double click the "#" to turn it back into an E# (or use a keyboard shortcut if you have one configured). The natural sign will appear on the corresponding E on beat "4". See:


Title Cannot add necessary accidental 1.X score with E#'s displaying as F#'s

Would love to close this, as the actual issue described appears fixed. However, opening the provided score demonstrates another (related?) issue: the notes in bar 9 are completely wrong! The E#'s on beats 2 and on 3& are displaying as F#'s! This appears to be the case for any 1.X score whose key signature includes E# - an explicit "#" placed from the palette on an E (a courtesy accidental, in effect) causes 2.0 to display it as F#.

Rather than resubmit, since the original problem is actually fixed, I'm taking the lazy way changing the name of this to reflect the actual current problem. And I'm marking this critical since it involves silently creating incorrect scores. I realize either of these decision could be second-guessed :-)

Should be fixed. Please test further. If someone could make a test file in MuseScore 1.3 with several scales and notes out of scales, it would be very helpful.

I'm glad to do this Lasconic, but I don't really understand. Do you mean use the mouse to build different scales (with or without Key. sigs.?)?

Please elucidate.

Probably a score made in MuseScore 1.3 with all the possible keysig and all the possible pitches/notes (included common accidentals) for each keysig? also including "direct accidental", meaning in a keysig with F#, one F# in the beginning of a measure with a explicit sharp.

I'm not sure this is what you mean. There may be things missing.

Some things I noted:

I think the distance between a natural and a flat where they are adjacent needs attention ( bars 3, 6, 8 for example).

Extra accidentals in sharp keys (bar 9 for example).

Let me know what else might be useful.

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