Extra space required for some systems compared to 2.0.3

• Aug 26, 2016 - 11:39
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b26c75c / Win 7

See attached score (staff/tab). The score was correctly layed out (4 systems per page) in 2.0.3, but the layout has been lost in the nightly. For example, only 3 systems are visible on page 1 where there should be 4.

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This is not areally bug. One of the new features of 3.0 is automatic increasing of staff spacing to account for notes far above/below the staff. The low E's on the top staff are causing a small of extra space to be allocated, just barely preventing a fourth system from fitting. In msot cases this will be a good thing, but indeed, in some case where one had decided to live with crowded systems, the current buikds will not allow this. Perhaps some sort of override should be provided.

I'm leaving the text below as an interesting moment in time. Now, after rebooting my Windows 10 Pro, the score displays consistently in this morning's code 7fe2bd3. It does display with more space between systems than 2.0.2. I get only 3 systems per page. It is definitely the system spacing that is increased, not the staff spacing. But you can adjust that settings in the Page section of the General Style dialog. You have min system space at 6.5 staff space units. 2.0.3 to 3.0 compatibility is a tough deal... I am not equipped to decide if this is a bug or not, but it still has an active status, so we'll see.

previous episiode:
When I open this score in 7fe2bd3, this morning's code, it is clearly displaying incorrectly. I see only one staff per page, and a linked staves bracket that extends vertically off the page. The score extends to 8 pages.

But then I close and reopen it to verify and it looks much better. Not quite the same as 2.0.2, but close.

So I close and reopen it and now it looks correct!

wtf? In each of the cases above I made changes to the score so that it refreshed fully, and nothing moved (see my tablature issue #122246). I closed and reopened MuseScore and repeated the full cycle just to double-check. I can't imagine how this is even possible. I pinched myself. I'm not dreaming. The third time really is a charm.

Can anyone else reproduce that behavior? After the first time I open the file I am using the recent files list to open it again. But how could that even affect this? I'm stumped. I tried this yet a third time from scratch, and the score looked better the first and second times, but it wasn't right until the third time I opened it.

I think I see what is happening, at least partially. MuseScore is indeed increasing space between systems, but for good reason. You have notes and text that are extending far above some of these systems, and MuseScore is increasing distance to accommodate that. However, it is going too far. I am not sure exactly why, but playing with the min/max system distance parameters - eg, setting both to 1sp - shows that for some reason, we are adding unnecessary space between the second and third systems specifically.

Here's the odd thing. Try selecting the contents of the second system, hitting Delete, then Undo. Suddenly everything is as it should be. At least, msot of the time this works. I'm still seeing the effect where sometimes the file loads with different layouts than it does other times. So I am thinking there is still some sort of bad initialization or something similar going on here.

Ah, then this is a duplicate of this issue:

There are other problems here beside system/staff spacing, as illustrated in the other issue, but it's all about needing an extra refresh to the window, and deleting or changing a pitch accomplishes that.

Maybe this isn't an exact duplicate of the other issue. But if not, it's eerily similar. I just compared the two.


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I see four systems on the first page and also a lot of small notation inconsistencies comparing to 2.2.1:
master_balfe_marble_halls_2 2018-04-11 16-44-24.png

2.2_balfe_marble_halls_2 2018-04-11 16-49-06.png

Speaking about this particular request, is it still actual?

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OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 5979345

Fixed before this nightly.