Rehearsal measure numbers

• Sep 10, 2011 - 21:44
S5 - Suggestion

It is often easier for musicians to locate spots in music when rehearsal measure numbers are used instead of rehearsal letters. Would it be possible to replace a particular escape sequence within text objects (maybe even just ##) with the current measure? This way, when a measure is inserted or deleted, rehearsal markings that use measure numbers would automatically update.


Please explain this in a more clear way. The updating automatically seems a good idea, but I don't quite understand how you see this working.


For instance, let's say we have a piece with rehearsal letters (A) (B) and (C). Many composers (myself included) would rather put particular measure numbers in place of those letters, so for instance (11), (32), (41), or whatever the numbers happen to be. Let's say you change them to measure numbers, and then insert a measure at the beginning. Now all the measure numbers are incorrect! Instead, if this feature request is implemented, one could write (##) instead, and it would dynamically be replaced with the appropriate measure number.

MuseScore already has measure numbers. See the beginning of each system, above the initial barline. Or are you referring to something else?

I'm referring to something else. I'm referring to the text you enter with Ctrl+M. These would be displayed in addition to the measure numbers you're mentioning.

A few composers I know are picky about this, and I personally would do it this way if I could. Essentially, the theory is that you might as well replace useless information (letters) with more useful information (the measure numbers). Even though the measure numbers are given on the bar, they have meaning, while the letters don't.

I know it probably sounds strange, but it does frequently appear in printed music that way.

Generally, I use rehearsal letters in rehearsal, when I want the ensemble to start from a section. Sometimes, for more clarity about a phrase, I might call a bar number, but generally I find that to be plenty of instruction. Regards,

Something like this is actually possible now in 2.0, in a couple of different ways.

1) add rehearsal mark, set the text to the measure number manually. While it won't update with measure insertions etc on its own, running Edit / Tools / Resequence Rehearsal Marks will automatically update all rehearsal marks to use measure numbersif the first mark in the selection corresponds to its measure number.


2) simply use measure numbers, but explicitly set the text style for specific measure numbers to "Rehearsal Mark" using the Inspector. You would presumably also want to set the number to "Always show" in measure number properties (unless you are already showing all measure numbers).

That'sa not to say we wouldn't eventually add something more exactly like what is propsoed ehre.