[Trunk] Time Signature movable

• Sep 28, 2011 - 20:17

1. Open score.
2. Drag time signature somewhere.

Result: It's movable.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (4824) - Mac 10.6.8.



Is this actually a bug?

I mean: that time signature can be moved around is a feature I use constantly; please have a look at this , this and this scores of mine (first 2 for version 2.0, last for version 1.1); in all these scores all time signatures are moved to the right to make room for range information.

So, time signature movable is not a bug for me, but a feature. If you mean that it should not be possible to inadvertently drag them, but only move them on purpose with keyboard or Inspector, let's discuss.



I noticed an example the other day (think it was Lilypond) and I think it was notes before time signatures?

What is this called?

Status (old) active fixed

Fix: time signatures are not movable by mouse anymore. They can however moved in edit mode.


I'm still interested in Miwarre's score - what is it called when you have notes behind a treble clef? Perhaps this can be a special function to differentiate it.

Thanks Werner.

What do you think about a separate implementation? The only thing not in Miwarre's score is the vertical line.

This is probably not the right place for discussing ambitus implementation, so I'll keep it short: I would welcome it of course, but there are several ways to do it (and Lilypond's way does not seem to me the best one: notes before the clef have no clear pitch) and, with some labour, it can be constructed with the available pieces, so it can probably wait for ver 3.0...

Other notation aspects, like incipit (see this feature request ), cannot be made with current 'building blocks' and seem to me more urgent.