1.1 r4846 Measure insert corrupts key changes

• Oct 5, 2011 - 14:40
S4 - Minor

Using MS 1.1 R4846 (full compile, factory reset, win7 32-bit)

In the sample score provided I have two key changes. If you insert measures *from the first measure* it corrupts the key changes. See this example of a measure insertion:

Key changes corrupted

Bar 16 already shows accidentals because the key change is now in bar 16 even though it doesn't show the key sig. The more bars you insert from the first measure, the worse the results. If you insert from the second measure, it's OK.

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Possibly the worst part of this is likely once the file is saved and reloaded, deleting the extra bars doesn't fix the problem. I have a score I worked on for a few days (the sample I uploaded is part of it) and I can't fix the issue too easily without rewriting some.

Jan 29, 2012 - 12:04

This is serious and precludes the use of MuseScore for composition purposes for anything but short works. The issue compounds when further bars are added and/or deleted resulting in strange and unpredictable behaviour of key signatures and accidentals throughout the score.

According to the code commits for #5195 (upcoming v1.2), Lasconic posted an "Incomplete fix #12966: Measure insert corrupts key changes". I can't reproduce the issue anymore, yay!

I don't know why he didn't post an update here when the patch was committed.