[trunk] hard to select slur or tie

• Oct 6, 2011 - 19:20
S4 - Minor

When clicking on a slur inMS 2.0.0 prerelease r4847 it immediately goes in "edit" mode (blue + edit points) instead of "select mode" (blue). It's not easy to select a slur or tie without it being editable.

I tested this on Win 7 x64 OS.

Ties have the same problem.


The slur/tie behaviour was changed by Werner a few months ago to what you see now and I don't recall why. It can be annoying at times. I find I never manage to grab the "move" handle on first try and end up moving one of the adjustment handles instead.

Does this happen at all magnifications, or do you need to see it more accurately?

I have found that the tip of my cursor is not accurate and I need to shift it slightly.

I typically work at the default 100% mag and slurs can be quite small, thus all the handles are quite tight together. At larger magnification this isn't a problem. I've noticed the inaccuracy of the cursor as well. It seems like some things have larger selection areas than others.

Selecting a slur or tie in 2.0.0 prerelease 4847 without editing it is only possible now if you first click a slur / tie, then click on another slur / tie or note to leave edit mode but still keep the slur / tie selected. Zooming in/out doesn't affect the behavior.

I never had problems selecting slurs / ties in MuseScore 1.1.

RE: Comment 4.

Great, that's not what I meant, but it brings to mind another issue I'd like addressed.

In my case, the cursor is slightly inaccurate.

"Does this happen at all magnifications, or do you need to see it more accurately?"

I did say "at larger magnification this isn't a problem" so I thought I answered your question. If I zoom in I am seeing it more accurately, so it doesn't happen at all magnifications. If this doesn't answer the question, maybe rephrase it because I might be misreading something.

Re: 7

As you stated earlier, various elements seem to have different size footprints.

I have found with slurs and ties that the footprint is very small.

If at say, 100%, I try to select one or the other, if I set the point of my cursor EXACTLY on the item, it probably won't select and I have to have the point of my cursor slightly higher. David Bolton addressed this a long time age when I questioned it, and it appears that the cursor (generally?) is not precise.

Status (old) fixed active

The slur no longer is in edit mode by default so that is fixed.

Just for discussion, some of the points (#2-4) in this thread still apply. I don't know how much programmatic control you have over the size of the selection area around the handles of slurs (and other objects with adjustment handles) when in edit mode, but at smaller zoom values (<150%) the selection area around handles on small slurs overlap. Each handle seems to have a circle of "selection space" around them where just being in that space will select the handle. This space doesn't seem to get smaller or larger and so at smaller zooms some circles partially or completely cover other handles. When zoomed in so each handle is separated nicely there's no overlap and no issue selecting a handle.

if it was possible to adjust the size of the selection area around the handle depending on zoom level, I suspect that would solve most handle selection problems at lower zoom levels.

I confirm that sometimes it's hard to select slurs. Zooming in a lot can help though.
This is valid for other symbols too.

I agree in spades about slurs, for instance to the first note of a staff. Increasing magnification, finding the right measure, etc., and then returning to normal magnification is very time consuming. Could the Inspector be used to enable selection of the desired handle?

In the case of beams, when they have closely spaced stems, without magnification it is sometimes very difficult to get the beam handles to appear rather than stem handles. I would think stem handles would rarely be wanted. If they were available only by double clicking between the beam and the note, it would be little or no loss and much gain.

You can select between slur using by the tab key. And keyboard shortcuts are available for zooming, and to return to standard zoom.

It's not really clear what you are askng, probably a foum post with sample score and precise steps to reproduce the problem would be useful.

Thanks! That certainly solves the problem for slurs. I can't find the tab shortcut in your book, but I admit I probably would have overlooked it anyway. I see it works also for hairpins where I have also had similar difficulty. Maybe it is a standard device for handles, but if so, I am probably not the only MuseScore user who doesn't know it.

For beams, what I am asking is that double clicking anywhere on a beam give the end handles, not a stem handle. A sample score and steps wouldn't illustrate the problem. I would have to make a movie of myself clicking clunkily on a beam and getting stem handles instead of end handles, and that's beyond my capacity.

Tab is just a kind of universal standard shortcut for navigation betwene UI elements - like moving between items in a dialog box, etc.

As for beams, for me, double-clicking a beam *does* give beam handles. That's why I'm not understanding. I guess if you click too near a stem, it might select the stem instead, but it seems easy enough to click not near a stem - the beam is like 90% not near stems in the examples I've tried. Which is why I'm wondering if someting different is going on in your particular score.

Thanks for this and other help. Will I ever learn it all? (Rhetorical question.)

The score I am working on is very crowded for the sake of page turns, which happen to just work out at 1.5 mm and 60% small staff size instead of the standard, which I usually use. Passagework in the parts, multiple grace notes everywhere, I don't remember just what gave me trouble, but it certainly did. It's true that when I go back and try, most of the beams are no trouble to get handles on, although when I am hasty I do get a stem sometimes. I still think that stem handles for beamed notes are so rarely wanted that making them available only by double clicking between the beam and the note would make sense, though I can imagine that treating beamed and unbeamed stems differently would not be trivial to program.

Oh, yes, I should have remembered from other scores you piosted that you really like pushing the limits of note spacing, and in such cases, I could see this occasionally being frustrating.

It might not be difficult to change how clicking works between stems and beams, might just be a matter of changing their "Z-order". But that can have other effects to, so I'm not sure. I'll look at that and see when I have a chance.

FWIW, a more reliable, but no easier in my opinion, way to edit the beam would be to click a *note*, then the Beam button in the Inspector to select the beam, then Ctrl+E to put it in edit mode.