My stems are missing!

• Oct 15, 2011 - 03:07


I was adding a measure to a violin part I've been working on when musescore locked up and crashed. When I reopened the document I found that half of my stems were missing. There seems to be no rhyme or reason, they just disappeared. I tried some moving the notes in and out of place-- even reentering some- but to no avail. Has anyone experienced this problem before. It's not a long or difficult project, however, I just hate to start over when I'd FINALLY finished it!

Thanks for any help and suggestions!


You could try right-clicking a measure where the stems are missing and choosing Measure Properties from the menu.

Then check to see if the Stemless box is ticked.


Using a PC in OS WIN8 happens ALL THE TIME... VERY Frustrating. Stems GONE.
Finally got around this by saving my files in XML format.
Don't use the MuseScore extensions, they do NOT work at all !!!

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Sorry you are having problems, but we can't help unless you attach the score you are having problems with and give steps to reproduce. I can tell you that it is probably just coincidence if it looks like saving in MusicXML format avoids problems. In truth, MusicXML saves only a fraction of the information saved in MSCZ format; a whole ton will be lost. So it really isn't a viable general workaround for whatever bug yo seem to be running into.

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Hi Gina

It seems the stems were maybe moved manually - 'Select All' and 'Reset' can fix it.

The score does seem corrupt though - I entered it all again for you (in 1.3).

MusicXML support improves with each version, and the format itself probably will too. However, it is intended for interchange purposes - most key details will be preserved (e.g. staff, notes, etc), whilst anything else is open to the application (e.g. presentation of tablature), or possibly unsupported (e.g. certain features/objects).

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The score has been made with MuseScore 1.3. At this point, it is difficult to tell precisely what happened but, among other things, a number of stems have been manually moved from their positions (purposely or by accident).


  1. loading either score in MuseScore 2.0 nightly
  2. pressing [Ctrl][A] to select everything
  3. pressing [Ctrl][R] to reset custom modifications

the scores appear as follows:


which seems a decent approximation of the correct state.

Ties remain incorrect; this is also due to the fact that slurs have been used for them, instead of real ties.

Hoping this helps tracing the problem,


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