Crash while reseting chord positions

• Oct 22, 2016 - 21:20
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S2 - Critical

In the attachment I have a file, that I made with an earlier 3.0. version.
On the second page, m. 15+18, I shifted some chords to correct a layout problem. If I now want to re-correct that or reset it, musescore crashes immediately.

With "reset notes and rest groupings" these shiftings will be reset, but all of the lyrics are out of order, most of it will get deleted.

GIT commit: 073fcdc
Linuxmint 18

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Kremberg2.mscz 20.88 KB


It's the same issue that:

Ie, problem with beaming when the notes with beams (eighth, 16th etc.) are in the first measure of the next staff/system.
Something you do, you get a crash: delete a note/measure in the first staff/system, or change any offsets (segment, chord automatic, etc.) in Inspector in the same location. Even by deleting the vertical frame (but related to another issue, already reported).

So, to fix this file: Kremberg2.mscz
1) Add a whole note measure 7 (first staff)
2) Add a half note measure 13 (second staff)
3) Add a whole note 18 (first staff)
4) Drag and drop a break line into measure 17

You get a fixed file (but not fully repaired: impossible with the same note values in the involved measures): Kremberg3.mscz

- From scratch, load this test file: test 3 staves.mscz
You can observe the same behavior: Delete notes or change offsets in measure 1 (top staff) or/and measure 13 (second staff), and you get a crash.
Change the note value (eg, quarter note) in the measure 5 and the measure 17, and the issue is fixed.

Especially, this file works as expected with a nightly in October16, but not with another in October 18, as noted in this comment (#3) :

Considering all this, I will put this issue as a duplicate in a moment.

Probably it is a duplicate, as it has to do with beaming in any case.
If I set all notes to have no beams, then it is possible to work with the file without problems.
Afterwards it is possible to set again the beams for printing (auto). Printing and exporting as pdf doesn't seem to have a problem with it.
Couldn't that be a sort of fix: To unbeam all note - do the changes - reset the beams, as they had been before?

... or simply change the view ;-). In continuous view it is possible to work on such files without problems!