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• Oct 23, 2016 - 11:32
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At a time (see Home › MuseScore project › MuseScore › Issues › #9303 ) it was possible to configure MS to use the system file navigator.
It seems it's no longer available, it's it ?


You mean #9303: Use system navigator, right?
Native file dialogs are enabled for Mac and Windows and disabled for Linux, not option in preferences anymore, and I believe ever since (and probably quite a while before) the move from SourceForge to GitHub, so never were in 2.0 but only in 1.x.

Hold on, I take that back seems it was done as part of #19931: use native file dialog , so is out since 6c1d0d2487, still this is before 2.0.

You may be able to change nativeDialogs between false and true in your MuseScore2.ini file, I've just tried and it works on Windows (7 Enterprise).