"1 2 3 4" the right of the rest of the menu bar

• Nov 9, 2016 - 01:31
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標題にあるようにメニューバーの休符の右の「1 2 3 4」に小節のプロパティを割り付けると、各小節の表示を変更出来そうですが、現在は小節のプロパティを開けても1だけが表示され、それもグレーアウトしています。


Title メニューバーの休符の右の「1 2 3 4」 "1 2 3 4" the right of the rest of the menu bar
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Google translate:
If you did you can see someone, please tell me.
When assigned a menu bar rest "1 2 3 4" to measure the properties of the right of to be in the title, but it seems can change the display of each measure, it is now only 1 also opened the bar property of is displayed, it also grayed out.
Here, by adding a 2 attributes or later, but I want to use to display the empty bars, etc., I do not know how to set.
Once you can see it is woven of, I am pleased if you can tell me.
Hmm, I don't quite get it... can you try to state this in English, please?

And it doesn't look like a bug, but rather like a support request, so indeed the Forum is the way to go, and there even is a Japanese forum at https://musescore.org/ja/forum

Thank you Jojo-Schmitz and Shoichi, however there is not an answer which I want.
I explain my problem again in English.
- My measure property does not show multiple parameters. It shows only "1" parameter.
(Of course I did Factory reset)
- I need to know how can I set 2nd. and 3rd. parameters in this measure property.
I would like to have your kindly help if you know.

Thanks and best regards.

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It appears from the image that your score has only one staff - that is why there is only line in the measure properties. Only if you have four staves would you have four lines in that dialog.

it seems you might be confusing "staff" with "voice". Your score can have as many staves as you want, and each staff can have up to four voices. This dialog does not control anything about the individual voices within a staff, only the staff as a whole.

Whatever it is you are trying to do, there is probably a different way to do it. please ask for help in the support forum, and attach the specific score you are having trouble with and explain in more detail what you actually want to accomplish.

Sorry, I still don't get it. But whatever it is it doesn't seem to be a bug report or feature request, so should really be discussed in a forum.