Upper and lower case letters not considered when overwriting file name

• Jan 13, 2012 - 04:09
S3 - Major
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1. Open score.
2. Save As.
3. 'Capitals'.
4. 'Save'.
5. 'Save As'.
6. 'capitals'.
7. 'Save'.

Expected result: The file is titled 'capitals'.
Actual result: The file is still titled 'Capitals'.

Discussion: The application TextEdit performs the expected result.

Using MuseScore 1.1 and 2.0 Nightly Build (5216) - Mac 10.6.8.


Severity S3 - Major
Status active needs info
Frequency Once
Regression No
Workaround No

Windows doesn't even support file names with the same letters but different upper/lower cases in the same folder. Does Mac support this?

My Linux system happily creates a new file called "capitals".

As far as I can there is no bug here, the behavior is simply platform-dependent according to the actual capabilities of the filesystem in use at the time. But maybe some special hacks could be employed on macOS only to work around any strangeness that might exist there if in fact the steps don't result in the new file there. Probably whatever is going on is Qt-related, and we're using a much more recent version of Qt than we were in 2012.

Does MacOS have some sort of file explorer where you could rename it? Have you checked to see whether you now have 2 files? (Capitals and capitals).

Status needs info by design

The behaviour of MuseScore on Windows when you "save as" and change only case is to warm you that you will overwrite an existing file (which is true on a Windows file system) and then to save the content but NOT to rename the file.
There could potentially be discussion if that is a bug, but:
-all other Windows app just tested behave exactly the same way
-the behaviour is conformed to the expected non-case sensitive Windows file system operations: you can quickly type a folder/file name without paying attention to the case and it will select the existing file without ever thinking that you want to rename it
-renaming file is pretty easy outside of MuseScore
-case sensitive platform as Linux tested by Marc behave exactly as expected there
==> we should close this issue

Status active needs info

That'd be a plain and pure macOS problem then, one MuseScore can't do anything about.
Linux has the same issue when e.g. save on. FAT formatted thumb drive, as that file system simply doesn't allow for case sensitivity.
Not sure whether macOS does, test that with any other program please. Only if other programs on a Mac can save files in a case sensitive way, and to the same location MuseScore saves to, it might be a MuseScore flaw (or a Qt one maybe).