Remove a time signature in a part causes corruption in the other parts and main score

• Dec 18, 2016 - 13:18
Reported version
S2 - Critical

Active in 2.0.3, and 2.1 dev. 213632d (and 3.0 dev. 7246948)

1) New score for two instruments, eg Flute and Bb Clarinet
2) Enter a few notes in each staff, image below (but not a necessary condition to get this issue)
Or, load this file at this step: test file.mscz
Flute Clarinet.jpg
3) Then: Create parts -> New all -> Ok
4) Toggle in Flute part
5) Delete the 4/4 time signature
First result: nothing unexpected in this part
5) View now Clarinet part and/or main score

Result: notes are gone (time sig/key sig too), and corruption (type 0/1)
Bb Clarinet.jpg


A variation:
- SATB template
- Then same steps
- But at step #4, go to Alto part (or Tenor/or Bass parts), and delete the time signature in this location.

Result: corruption in this Alto part, and others. Only the top staff (Soprano) is preserved.

I would haven't believed it: but really a very former issue: more than two and a half years. Indeed, I can reproduce as much as I can go back in time.

With this nightly, May 19, 2014, 56177c3, I receive a crash by removing a time signature in part.

A few days later, with this Nightly, f031e87, on June, I already get this issue (image below). Ditto with the followings: I checked on a few nightlies the next months and years: always same issue.
Only difference: the key signature is preserved (on June 7, 2014)
clarinet part.jpg

EDIT: a more complete title for this issue would be: "Remove a time signature in a part corrupts all parts/all the score, except the top staff."

Always active in current 2.1 dev. cf699bf

New steps:

1) Load this file: SATB 2.mscz
2) View Soprano part
3) Cut the second time signature (ie 3/4)
(you observe the score is corrupted in main score and parts)
4) Always in Soprano part, change the initial 4/4 time signature for eg 2/4

Result: crash