"Plugin console" doesn't load in MuseScore 2.x (trunk)

• Mar 19, 2012 - 09:23
S4 - Minor
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Plugin console doesn't load in MuseScore 2.x (trunk)
Tried with r5478



The requirement to enable the plugins was done in the trunk quite some time ago and I suspect this is one of the underlying changes in 2.0 that will frustrate people. I wonder why it is necessary?

Status (old) closed active

Using the latest trunk version on OS X, I couldn't find out how to install the plugin. I tried copying console.js to various folders, as suggested in the handbook . The plugin didn't appear to the list in Preferences, and nothing changed in the Plugins menu. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? I'd appreciate step-by-step instructions.

The plugin is not compatible with the current trunk. It needs to be rewriten. In trunk you can use the plugin creator instead.

Status (old) closed needs info

I have started an attempt to update this plugin to work with 2.x, but I'm lacking basic information about the QML format which is blocking progress. For example the original code defines a ScriptConsoleMainWindow prototype, but I have no idea how to do this in QML. Advice appreciated.