Deleting measures at start completely confuses MuseScore, all measures become anacrusis

• Apr 19, 2009 - 20:19
S4 - Minor

Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit, MuseScore 0.9.4, revision 1753
Create a score (6/8 time signature) with 5 rest measures, enable and disable multimeasure rests, put only one eigth note at the end of measure 6, then type 20 bars or so of music.
Change your mind and decide that bar 6 should be an anachrusis (up beat), delete all 5 initial bars, change the now first bar to be an irregular bar of duration 2/8, all other measures become 2/8.
Score irrecoverable (as MuseScore tries to "help" by garbling the music when you attempt to fix all bars to be normal 6/8), have to retype all music.


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I have run GDB on the latest update from SVN andI get Seg Fault in std::_Rb_tree_increment when I delete the first 4 bars in attached file:
first go to Style to disable multi-measure rests, then Ctrl-click on first 4 bars... Seg fault

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Vltava-breaks-musescore.mscz 2.9 KB

The time signature gets deleted from the first measure but I don't get a crash or any other problems.

(Tested using r. 1753 prerelease and r.1766 self-built)